This PgDay is a non-profit community-run event, organized by pro-bono volunteers, and we want to produce a professional level conference for Argentina and Latin America.

We are organizing a collective fundraising as we need to collect funds to cover the following additional expenses (at least):

  • Financial Aid for regional speakers: ARS $ 2500 (~ USD $416)
  • Professional A/V recording in HD and edition: ARS $ 4000 (~ USD $666)
  • Catering (coffee breaks): ARS $ 2250 (~ USD $375)
  • Other expenses (printed program, banners, badges, etc.): ARS $ 1250 (~ USD $208)

The initial goal is ARS $10.000 (around USD $2000.-), although the event will be held even if we cannot raise that amount, as much we can collect, better ammenities will be possible for the attendees, and high quality videos could be available for those that cannot attend. If we can collect a higher amount, that will be used exclusively to enhance the event and produce merchandising about PostgreSQL.

Thanks to Argentina's Digital Agenda government support, we don't have to cover venue expenses (around ARS $12000), and thanks to 2ndQuadrant that kindly covered the travel expenses of their international speakers.

Please Remember: This PgDay is one of the largest yearly gatherings about PostgreSQL for Spanish speakers in the region. Attendance is free of charge (no cost registration), so we try to keep costs far cheaper than most comparable technology conferences, to keep this PgDay accessible to the widest group possible.

The available sponsorships and contribution opportunities are below. Don't see what you want? Contact us any time (, we are flexible and willing to work with you to design the sponsorship package that will fulfill your business needs.

Sponsorship donations for PgDay Argentina are accepted thru DineroMail and also PayPal to the PostgreSQL Argentina contact account, and they will be converted to Pesos (ARS) and used exclusivelly to cover conference expenses.

Individual contribution (ARS $100 - USD $18)

Students, academics, novice users and anyone else that want to contribute could help us with this amount.

Professional contribution (ARS $300 - USD $50)

If you activity allows you to collaborate with a greater amount, we recommend this type of contribution. You'll be helping to keep the conference affordable for all, especially for students and those needing financial aid. Benefits include recognition in this page and listing as a Professional Delegate in our delegate's directory

Company contribution (ARS $1000 to $6000 - USD $175 to USD $1000)

This option is recommended to companies that want to collaborate with the event but cannot afford other ways. Your sponsorship helps keep this event affordable and accessible to the widest possible audience. 
Benefits include Sponsor listing (including the logo in the printed materials and in all pages of this site) and access to authorized attendee's email and submitted CV.

ARS $1000.- USD $175.-
ARS $2000.- USD $350.-
ARS $6000.- USD $1000.-

Amount raised so far: ~ ARS $1600 credited + ARS $1300 pending, subtotal ARS $2900 (29%), about USD $482

Contributions details:
  • ARS $1000.- reingart (, initial balance
  • ARS $300.-, pending
  • ARS $300.- alejandrob, credited
  • ARS $300.- fhevia, credited
  • ARS $1000.- 3manuek (, credited
  • USD $16.- stephen.a.ingram, credited via paypal

Estimated subtotal amount: $ 2900 gross, without processing commisions.

Legal Disclaimer

Due that the collaboration is a voluntary contribution to a non-profit event whose attendance is free of charge, the payment is considered a non-refundable donation.

Due that this is an technical open event organized by the community oriented to professional and advanced users, the organizers are neither responsible nor liable (unless required by applicable law) for the contents / materials and any other item related to the conference, so they are provided "as is", WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.

About PgDay Argentina 2013

Jornada de PostgreSQL, el Motor de Base de Datos Objeto-Relacional Open Source / Software Libre, organizado por miembros de ArPUG.
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